"I am on a Steven Kotler high, he was amazing!"
- Microsoft Corporation

About Steven’s Speaking

New York Times-bestselling author and one of the world’s foremost authorities on human performance, Steven Kotler shows individuals and organizations how to unlock their real potential. Kotler has spent three decades examining those moments when the impossible becomes possible, an intersection often defined by twin forces: human excellence and disruptive technology. Thus, he has written six books on disruptive technology and six books on peak performance and brings these twin lenses to his pragmatically-optimistic take on human possibility.
Steven Kotler has spoken to and consulted with everyone from Fortune 100 companies to the US Special Forces to governments all over the world. As the executive director of the Flow Research Collective, he has conducted research on the neurobiology of human performance with scientists at institutions such as USC, UCLA, Stanford and Imperial College, London. He has trained over 250,000 people, including everyone from the U.S. Navy SEALs and Olympic athletes to executives at companies such as Google, Cisco, and Microsoft to the general public.

What Do Others Have to Say

“Diamandis and Kotler do a masterful job of explaining why we are at the start of a new era of radically increasing standards of living throughout the world. Abundance is essential reading for anyone looking for a better tomorrow.”
- Elon Musk
“Bold is a visionary roadmap for people who believe they can change the world---and offers invaluable advice about bringing together the partners and technologies to help them do it.”
- President Bill Clinton
“It’s difficult to think of a writer more invigorating and tuned-in than Kotler. Tomorrowland is like taking a shot of caffeine. It allows you to see into the future and to realize that you’re already there.”
- Howard Bloom
"A fast-paced, electrified, and captivating journey into the deep potential of the human brain."
- David Eagleman
Presenter of PBS'S 'THE BRAIN'
“Stealing Fire is a beautifully written, must-read for anyone interested in living up to their full potential. A user-manual for your hacking your brain to drive high performance.”
- Peter Diamandis
Founder of the X Prize, co-chairman of Singularity University, bestselling author
“I loved Peter Diamandis’ and Steven Kotler’s book Abundance, their writing and their Vision. BOLD is an amazing sequel, a book that every entrepreneur should read. It is inspiring, filled with incredible insights and offers a practical how-to game plan for going big and impacting the world.”
- Michael Dell
CEO, Dell Computers

Recent speaking

And others:
Aspen Institute
East Rock Capital
Omnicom Media Group
ISI Group
Cascades Tissue Group
Vitech Systems Group, Inc.
Advertising Research Foundation
Gerber/Taylor Capital Advisors
ARCH Venture Partners
The Hyde Foundation
Menlo Ventures
American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys
St. Mary’s University
University of Iowa
Bulletproof Biohacker’s Conference
Morgan Stanley
Singularity University
Global CISO Summit
Miura Global
Pacific Builder’s Summit
Sands Capital Management
Virginia Council of CEOs
Global CISO Summit
Pacific Builder’s Summit
Sands Capital Management

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