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You can't fight your biology. You have to forgive your history.
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Bestselling author and Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective, Steven Kotler, lays out a blueprint for extreme performance improvement. Gnar Country aims to decode the secrets of peak performance aging. Meet the elite performers who have changed the definition of what's possible in the second half of our lives.


“There are so many who write, but don’t do. Not Steven Kotler—he is the antithesis of an “armchair expert,” a man who always lives what he writes, and in the case of Gnar Country, writes what he lives. In this refreshingly raw narrative, Kotler personally proves that aging is actually a gateway to exploring new levels of our performance potential—and shows us how to do it. Gnar Country gets you excited to grow older!”
Rich Diviney
Retired Navy SEAL commander and bestselling author of The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance
"Gnar Country is a tour-de-force! Startling discoveries about peak performance aging, deep insights into human psychology, and a wonderfully written, laugh-out-loud, page-turning adventure story—only Steven Kotler could dream up and pull off a book this ambitious, smart, and useful!”
Peter Diamandis
Founder of the X Prize, co-chairman of Singularity University, bestselling author
"This book is a trail map for anyone who’s driven to be better at anything. I laughed, winced, and flowed right along with Kotler on his audacious quest to perform at his absolute best at an age when decline seems to be the accepted norm. Screw what people say you can or can’t do past 50...This joyride of a story leaves you with just enough science-backed practical tools to take you where no one believes you can go. If he can shatter his own belief of what’s possible, so can you.”
Rebecca Rusch
7x world champion ultra-endurance athlete and author of Rusch to Glory
“At an age when many adults have already checked into the sofa ride, Steven Kotler went back to school—the old school, the hard knocks school. His innate curiosity, combined with decades of sensitivity and self-awareness drew meaningful lessons from difficult and dangerous situations. Age-associated physical and psychological decline appears inevitable, but Steven demonstrates a different Way, and encourages us all to hold ‘em, not fold ‘em. After all, there will be nothing worse than knowing you could have but didn’t, that now you can't and you're still alive to wish you had.”
Mark Twight
Alpinist, author, podcast host, and physical trainer (300, Man of Steel, and The Justice League)