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The 3 Keys to Successful Writing (In 2018)

Over my thirty years of putting words together in a straight line (writing 8 national bestsellers, 4 New York Times bestsellers, 2 Pulitzer Prize nominations, translated into 40+ languages and written for over 100 publications) I’ve learned a couple of things. I always come back to a few key strategies. If you actually apply these three things you’re guaranteed to win the battle for attention.

Flow for Writers - July 12th to 14th

What do attendees gain? A far more satisfying, meaningful and profitable writer’s life. Flow for Writers is Steven’s most intimate live event. It’s a two-day intensive with a small curated group, where he shares everything he knows about wordsmithing, flow hacking and creativity turbo-boosting. Its a practical, experimental and experiential deep dive into all the high performance meta-skills that surround the craft of writing–the very tools and techniques that helped Steven write eight bestsellers, earn two Pulitzer prize nominations and consistently double the size of his book advances every time he sold a book.


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