Corporate Engagements & Organizational Interventions

Flow Genome Project's corporate training is based on a multi-disciplinary approach developed from a synthesis of 30+ years of experience, decades of academic research and the most cutting-edge insights of today. Our programs are designed to produce long-term change in a minimal amount of time. We assist your organization in learning, implementing and ingraining evidence-based tools designed to improve your key business outcomes.

Keynotes & Speaking

Steven Kotler keynotes expand on how science can be used to better understand our cultural surroundings. Kotler's talks specialize in topics such as psychology and neuroscience. Often times his keynotes explore how the brain can be optimized to improve performance and quality of life.


Flow for Writer’s

Flow for Writers is Steven’s most intimate live event. It’s a two-day intensive with a small curated group, where he shares everything he knows about wordsmithing, flow hacking and creativity turbo-boosting. Its a practical, experimental and experiential deep dive into all the high performance meta-skills that surround the craft of writing–the very tools and techniques that helped Steven write eight bestsellers, earn two Pulitzer prize nominations and consistently double the size of his book advances every time he sold a book. What do attendees gain? A far more satisfying, meaningful and profitable writer’s life.

Flow for Creatives

If creativity is already core to your life, then this program is perfect for you. This could mean you’re a copywriter, a scientist hunting a breakthrough, a coder designing software, an entrepreneur dreaming up your next start-up, a writer aching to finish that novel, or a landscape painter trapped in the life of an accountant—all that matters is that generating novel ideas (and putting those ideas out in the world in some form or another) is core to your life and purpose. In this 32 lesson masterclass Steven gives you everything you need to know (from the science of creativity to the maps, models & virus scans the best creatives use) to amplify your creative output and finally achieve your boldest goals.


Steven's Newsletter

Simple and value jammed. On the first of each month, you'll receive a "Lesson From The Frontier". These are some of Steven's most effective tips to up-level your performance, available only to subscribers. On the third Thursday of each month you'll get the super-brief value jammed "Reporting Back From Far Frontiers". This includes (1) an excerpt from a book/paper/article Steven's reading (plus commentary), (2) a nugget of video content Steven's found fascinating, (3) the best rant of the month (as a quote) and (4) a high-performance hack to help you do the impossible. Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

The Habit of Ferocity: Peak Performance Primer

This 90-page free manual breaks down a collection of habits/tactics/hacks deployed by the world’s most elite high performers. It's the distillation of studying individuals taking on impossible challenge for almost 3+ decades.


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