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My Second Google Talk

I'm seriously excited to release this one. It’s the science of peak performance meets the science of spirituality on a dark and stormy night… or what I've been calling my updated "Stealing Fire talk". If you're interested in the revolution we're seeing in altered states and its ability to fundamentally alter our ability to tackle the impossible, then you may want to take a peak. I don't think it'll disappoint. Also, we're really trying to get this one out there... so please, please, please share it, like it, and help spread it around. Very much appreciated!

FGP Research: Flow & Creativity Study

A year ago we began a comprehensive meta-analysis of everything Flow & Creativity. We then designed the first ever study that looks directly at the relationship between these two constructs. Next, we had 2100 people take the survey that this study was built around. Just recently, after our data scientist churned the results, we've got ourselves a whitepaper. The results were ridiculously interesting and we'll be sure to make them available soon. Keep all eyes on deck!

Convergence - My Newest Book on Exponential Tech

My newest book with Peter Diamandis is almost finished. We just sold it to Simon & Schuster in June of 2018. I'm excited for this one. It's a deep dive into converging technologies and a look at how they're going to faciliate exponential growth. Keep your eyes peeled for more.

My New Novel: Last Tango in Cyberspace

In March 2018 I sold my new novel. I wrote this one over last summer as a fun decompression project but it's turned into something I'm seriously excited about. Pub date is looking like May 2019. Stay posted!

New Article: The Human Operating System Gets an Overhaul w/ Andrew Hessel

I interviewed Andrew Hessel, Synthetic Biologist & Catalyst for Human Genome Project-write, arguably the boldest global science project in the works right now. Think of it this way — right now, around the globe, synthetic biologists are building novel organisms from scratch for an array of purposes in medicine, energy, agriculture, and other fields. GP-write aims to use these same tools to build a much more familiar organism: a human cell, complete with all the DNA required to produce more human cells. Mastery of this technique could wipe out diseases and bring about other applications that we can’t yet imagine. It’s the ultimate engineering blueprint for life.


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