He came west, traveling in a long pocket of dawn that never strays far from a sallow gray. Behind him a set of mountains reaches high into a wide sky and on certain peaks are footprints and patches of grass pressed flat against the earth where he had made his camp. Behind these places are other camps and other footsteps and a long walk without a good reason and somewhere back there are his parents, alone now, in a house too big for them, wondering where their son has gone.

Reviews of Angle Quickest for Flight:

“A brilliant first novel! Steven Kotler’s The Angle Quickest For Flight takes wing confidently with its crew of erratic, questing, dangerful spirits and then flies and flies.”
- John Barth
Author of Lost in the Funhouse, The Sot-Weed Factor, and Chimera.
“The Angle quickest for Flight is a romp, a New Age, multi-cultural, thriller-movie romp.”
- San Francisco Chronicle
“A daring metaphysical quest for lost tongues, lost causes and lost chances. It’s a highly original adventure story.”
- Library Journal
“For a thought-provoking read, pick up The Angle Quickest For Flight, Steven Kotler’s beautifully written debut novel.”
- Marie Claire
“What book-lover can resist a story about book thieves? Along the way, Kotler dips into enough esoterica to keep a curious reader intrigued, and the dialogue is always witty and cool.”
- Publishers Weekly
“Fanciful and hip, The Angle Quickest For Flight approaches the grand machinations of the universe and an individual’s participation within it. It is an exuberant escape that will push you to considering integrating a few new ideas into your life.”
- Blue Magazine

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